About  the benefitting partners


Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic

Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic, together with Seattle Children’s, is an enduring community partner with a dedication to promoting quality pediatric care, family advocacy, health collaboration, mentoring and education in a culturally relevant context. The clinic’s founder, Odessa Brown, fought to bring quality healthcare with dignity to children in the Central District during the civil rights era. Her vision became reality and today her legacy clinic sets the standard for comprehensive care and continues to be a primary support network for families throughout the Puget Sound region.

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DADS is a grassroots organization leading a movement to eradicate the epidemic of absent fathers in America. They are committed to giving fathers hope by walking together in supportive community, and helping navigate relational and legal barriers separating them from their children and families. The goal of DADS is to restore families by empowering absent fathers to be responsible family leaders and stop the cycle of family violence and brokenness in order to provide a protective and loving path for children.

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Women United Seattle

Women United Seattle is a respite for kinship caregivers and the children they care for. Research has shown children who have absent or unfit parents thrive better mentally and emotionally when paired with relatives rather than strangers; yet, there is not currently systemic or sustainable support for kinship families. That’s the gap United Women Seattle aims to fill in South King County. The organization was founded by Alesia Cannady, a grandmother now raising her granddaughter, so she brings a deep understanding of the needs of kinship caregivers like herself – a supportive community offering love and encouragement, as well as assistance with the activities and essentials the children they care for need.

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Humble Design Seattle

Humble Design Seattle serves local families emerging from homelessness by transforming empty houses into welcoming homes. The homes are curated by design teams that personalize decor based on their clients’ needs, preferences and photos or images that are meaningful to the families. More than a makeover, it’s a start over. Generally, more than 50% of individuals return to homelessness within a year of securing housing. For those moving into a Humble Design home, less than 1% return to homelessness.

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Dignity for Divas

Dignity for Divas

Dignity for Divas believes restoring the self-worth of women who have been unhoused is the first step on the road to stability and self-sufficiency. Their unique program of counseling and workshops helps women overcome trauma and gain tools to live a purposeful life. This puts them in a better position, both emotionally and mentally, to successfully transition out of homelessness. Their Dream Academy in downtown Seattle provides counseling services, resume building classes, technology training, interpersonal skills and wellness classes.

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The benefitting partners for the inaugural year of Champion of Changes share three important values:


Dignity and respect for those they serve is at the core of its operations


The goal to empower those who seek to improve their lives and circumstances for their families


A commitment to collaborate with other organizations to remove barriers to access for basic needs, support networks, health care, skills training and education

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out the river.

We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.

~ Desmond Tutu